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Free Insect Application Offer for Kimberton, PA 19442Kirk's Lawn Care offers lawn fertilization and weed control services skillfully completed for residential and commercial properties within Kimberton, Pennsylvania. We apply premium natural-based fertilizers with organic soil improvers along with pre-emergent and post-emergent weed killers. We can control crabgrass, nutsedge, dandelions, clover and many other weeds in your turf. We are fully-insured and a licensed pesticide application business with the PA Department of Agriculture. All of our technicians are also pesticide certified and have undergone training and testing. We close fence gates after we have finished our work and attention to detail always comes standard.

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What Our 6 Step Fertilization & Weed Control Program Includes

Natural-based fertilizers

Our proven 6 application natural-based fertilizer schedule consists of balanced fertilizers, enriched with the proper amounts of slow and quick release nitrogen, phosphorus, and potash and formulated for the soil conditions in your area. In addition, each of our six applications include organic bio-stimulants such as humic acids and sea kelp to improve the soil. We apply broadleaf weed control products on weeds that are present as well as pre-emergent products to help prevent weeds such as crabgrass from sprouting.

6 Step Application Schedule

StepApplication Description
1 - Early SpringFertilizer treatment with bio-stimulants and pre-emergent crabgrass control.
2 - Late SpringFertilizer treatment with bio-stimulants and pre-emergent crabgrass control. Broadleaf weed control will also be applied if necessary.
3 - Early SummerFertilizer treatment with bio-nutrients. Broadleaf weed control as needed. Surface feeding insect treatment.
4 - Late SummerFertilizer treatment with bionutrients. Control of broadleaf weeds present.
5 - Early FallFertilizer treatment with bio-stimulants. Control of broadleaf weeds if any present.
6 - Late FallFertilizer treatment with bio-stimulants. Control of broadleaf weeds if any present.


Optional Beneficial Services

Preventative Grub Control This application will prevent the grubs which feed on the root system. Bee and pollinator safe product used. Can be applied from May until Mid-June.
Core Lawn AerationLoosens compacted soil and increases the availability of water and nutrients.
OverseedingPremium sun & shade grass seed mixture applied to your turf.
Flea, Tick and Surface Insect ControlFleas and Ticks can bite people, live on a pet, and transmit diseases. They are typically hard to control. That's why our flea and tick treatment generally involves more than one application. The first application reduces active fleas, ticks, and most other surface insects. Additional applications may be necessary for continued control as eggs and larvae hatch later on. Treatments are effective for 25-30 days.

KLC Advantage

  • Kirk will personally fertilize your property
  • No long-term commitment
  • Local small business that has lived in and served your community since 2003
  • Community-focused with annual volunteering, donations & student scholarships
  • Customer-focused with quick response times by our friendly staff

A Tech-Savvy Approach

Kirk's Lawn Care is a tech-savvy landscaping company to fit into your busy & fast-paced lifestyle. We are gaining local & national attention with our use of industry-leading & cutting-edge technologies to enhance communication, quality of work, bill-pay and more resulting in a nationally-awarded customer experience.

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Since the very beginning in 2003, building lasting customer relationships and providing exceptional quality of services has been at the center of my company. It's these principles that guide my company daily to never settle for the status quo and always be better. From the very first clicks on this website through job completion, you will notice our differences above the rest. I promise it.

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