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Giving Back To The Communities We Service

Kirk's Lawn Care very active within the communities they service. We have teamed up with Project Evergreen to provide free lawn and snowplowing services for active duty military families. Kirk's Lawn Care donates flower-filled planters each year to local businesses and non-profits through our planter program. We educate the youth by teaching them how to plant flowers at local daycares each year. Kirk's Lawn Care is one of the primary supporters of the new Althouse Arboretum Environmental and Community Outreach Center in Pottstown with our $500.00 donation and continuing labor and equipment donations. Kirk's Lawn Care also sponsors local non-profit fundraiser events. We realize that our business only succeeds as much as our local communities. Kirk's Lawn Care customers support our community efforts with every service visit. We are always on the lookout for new community involvement opportunities and plan to give back as much as we can in the coming years.

Community Contribution News

Let Us Carry-Out, Pick-up and Recycle Your Christmas Tree

December 19, 2017

Schedule Kirk's Lawn Care to carry-out, pick-up and recycle your undecorated cut Christmas tree after this New Year's. In cooperation with GreenAllies, a non-profit organization that runs and maintains the Althouse Arboretum in Pottstown, your picked-up Christmas tree will be chipped by Upper P…

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2nd Annual Scholarship Awarded

June 1, 2017

KLC Award 2017 PlaqueOn Thursday, June 1st 2017, Kirk attended the Owen J. Roberts Senior Awards Ceremony to award the second annual Kirk's Lawn Care Excellence in Horticulture award to Kristian Lederer. He received a $200.00 check, a personal plaque and his name added to the perpetual plaque that is hung on the wal…

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Kirk Named January Volunteer of the Month at Althouse Arboretum

January 1, 2017

Source: Althouse Arboretum
Kirk Brown first learned about GreenAllies and the Althouse Arboretum on Facebook less than two years ago and reached out to see how he could help.  His initiation to GreenAllies was when he became one of the volunteers who helped with the initial demolition work on our fa…

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Our Past Community Contributions

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