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History of Kirk's Lawn Care

Early KLC EquipmentKirk’s Lawn Care was started in early 2003 by Kirk Brown when he was 12 years old. He started mowing his neighbor’s yards with his parent’s lawn tractor, string trimmer and leaf blower. Kirk enjoyed doing it so much that he started to take on more lawns. He took my business very seriously early on by designing business cards, door hangers, various business forms and even a website all in the first year. Kirk towed all of his trimmers and other equipment in a small dump cart towed by his parent’s mower around the neighborhood. He purchased a Craftsman zero-turn mower the second year in to help him handle the building workload. He then continued with it all through middle school, mowing lawns between homework and school.

Kirk's Lawn Care developed quite a bit in size once high school began. Mowers were upgraded again to a more heavy-duty grade as well as the purchasing of a pick-up truck to start servicing lawns out of the neighborhood. Kirk took an Ornamental Horticulture elective all 4 years during high school which assisted him in learning more about the trade and industry. Kirk continued to gain more clients and became pretty busy between school work, his business as well as another part-time job.

After Kirk graduated, he had enough work through his business for it to be considered a full-time job. He upgraded to a top of the line mower and truck, purchased many pieces of new equipment and added to the list of services offered. Kirk’s Lawn Care celebrated its 10th year anniversary in 2013. The business was also featured in Green Industry Pro magazine with a full-length article later that year.

Kirk's Lawn Care's story featured in the Pottstown Mercury in 2014. Kirk has become well-respected within the national landscaping industry and has been an expert article contributor for several blog posts and national magazines such as Landscape Management magazine. In 2015, the company was named one of the top 12 landscaping companies in the United States by Total Landscape Care magazine.

In the past couple years; Kirk’s Lawn Care has nearly doubled in size year after year. Employees have been added to help with the growth of the business. Kirk contributes the rapid growth of his business to innovation, great team members and customers and providing excellent customer service. As Kirk's Lawn Care grows, their commitment to personal service will remain.