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Update On Operations & How We Are Dealing With COVID-19

Updated 4/24/2020

Kirk’s Lawn Care Is Remaining Fully Operational

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf recently ordered all non-essential businesses to close their physical locations. The state has published a list of industries that are exempt from closure and can continue operations. Landscaping and pest control services fall under the “Services to Building and Dwellings” exemption category. After deep evaluation and thought, Kirk’s Lawn Care will remain fully operational in accordance to all federal, state and local laws. Developments and governance are happening at a rapid pace and we will continue monitoring and adjust our operations as needed to ensure the safety of our employees, customers and the public.

Reasons why we decided to remain fully operational

  • Unkempt lawns and landscapes can pose a dangerous health hazard. These include the increase in ticks, fleas, mosquitos, snakes, rodents and other pests. Some of these pests can harm pets or humans and/or carry dangerous diseases. We feel that providing mowing services is essential to maintaining a healthy environment.
  • Ceasing pesticide applications to control ticks, fleas, mosquitos, spotted lanternflies and other pests can pose a dangerous health hazard. Some of these pests can harm pets or humans and/or carry dangerous diseases. We feel that continuing these important practices is essential to maintaining a healthy environment.
  • We come in very little contact with our customers and the public. Our job is often one of isolation. We can often go an entire day without coming in contact with a customer. We offer paperless quoting and billing and most communications can be completed via phone or email.
  • Employees can maintain the CDC recommended 6ft spacing from other people. They are outdoors in open spaces and can complete tasks while following safe social distancing practices.

What We're Doing To Combat COVID-19

  • We have provided masks to all employees and are required to wear masks in company vehicles when there are two or more employees inside.
  • We have provided hand sanitizer in each of our trucks for employee use.
  • We are continually monitoring employees for COVID-19 symptoms. We urge all employees to stay home and self-quarantine if they feel unwell.
  • We are practicing social distancing with employees staying at least 6ft away from co-workers, customers and the public.
  • We are asking customers to communicate with us via email whenever possible to avoid the need for in-person contact. This can be done by emailing us at
  • We are continuing to insist on paperless quoting and billing to prospective and current customers. This will reduce the need for in-person contact.
  • If in-person contact with people is necessary, we ask for their cooperation in staying at least 6ft away from us and to avoid handshakes.

We will continue to monitor the situation and will update our business practices accordingly. For the latest news on our response to COVID-19 and our current state of operations, please visit Together we will get through this. We thank you for your support and cooperation.


Kirk Brown
Owner of Kirk's Lawn Care