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Core Lawn Aeration in Spring City, PA 19475

Spring City 19475 Core Lawn Aeration ExplainedKirk's Lawn Care offers lawn core aeration services for residential and commercial properties in Spring City, Pennsylvania. Lawn aeration is a type of lawn aeration whereby a machine with hollow tines mechanically removes plugs or "cores" of soil and thatch from a lawn. We remember to close fence gates after we have finished our work and attention to detail always comes standard. We are fully-insured and are a Pennsylvania licensed home improvement contractor. Core Aeration should be done to your lawn annually in either the spring or fall to improve your lawn's overall health.

Benefits of Core Aeration:

  • Loosens compacted soil and increases the availability of water and nutrients.
  • Enhances oxygen levels in the soil, stimulating root growth and enhancing the activity of thatch-decomposing organisms.
  • While removing cores of soil, the tines also sever roots, rhizomes and stolons. Grass plants are stimulated to produce new shoots and roots that "fill up" the holes in the lawn and increase the density of the turf.
  • Reduces water runoff.
  • Increases the lawn's drought tolerance and improves its overall health.


Overseeding can be done in the spring or fall. The best time to overseed is after your lawn has been core aerated. Have Kirk's Lawn Care core aerate and overseed your lawn in the same visit! We use the finest quality of premium, weed-free seed. Make your lawn the thickest on the block with overseeding!

Spreadable Lawn Top dressing

Dramatically improve the soil in your lawn without the expensive labor of traditional topdressing. We use a new and innovative top dressing material that can be spread out of traditional broadcast spreaders in a single high-rate application. The top dressing material consists of hardwood biochar and poultry manure that will yield results you can see.

Benefits of spreadable lawn top dressing:

  • Adds important organic matter and carbon to improve soil.
  • Improves both existing and new lawns - especially new home construction lawns!
  • Less expensive compared to traditional lawn top dressing methods.

Lawn top dressing can be paired with our lawn aeration and overseeding services for even better results!

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